South Shore Dialysis Center

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with possible kidney failure, and told you need dialysis, you should have two immediate priorities: quality of care and quality of life. At South Shore Dialysis Center we are committed to the patient and the person. We offer our dialysis patients the two things that matter most, getting the best treatment and living your life to the fullest. At South Shore Dialysis Center our number one goal is to provide exceptional patient outcomes, through superior dialysis care. Our quality indicators are consistently above the national averages, in all categories used to measure dialysis treatment and patient care. This is critical, since there are so many dialysis facilities available today and not all of them provide the same levels of quality and service. The Quality Measure Results for South Shore Dialysis Center are among the best in the country, because we understand that providing superior care will impact how you feel and live every day. We achieve these results through our multi-disciplinary approach; we feature a Quality Assurance Team (QAT), made up of physicians, nurses, social workers and dieticians, all focused on the total well-being of each and every patient. Our QAT works together to manage all aspects of your treatment…from superior dialysis care, to proper diet and medication compliance, to changes in your personal life that could effect your treatment.


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